Rural Heroes – Local activity at Capari

Rural Heroes in Trnovo
Rural Heroes – Local activity at Trnovo
September 25, 2021
Rural Heroes – Local activity at Germijan and Bach
September 28, 2021
Rural Heroes in Capari

Rural Heroes in Capari


On the second day of the project, we met at the office a little bit later and went through the same procedure of packing the van and leaving for the mountains as Monday. This time we visited a primary school in Capari.

Main activities

In comparison with the school, SFERA visited on Monday, this school in Capari was much bigger, with around 30 children going there. We were again welcomed enthusiastically and proceeded to set up our materials. Then the kids were divided into two groups, one for the older children and one for the younger ones. The lower grade pupils sat down to discuss what their wishes and recommendations are for the municipality. When they were all done talking they played with each other. At the same time, the older children from the higher classes were taken to the field to perform activities prepared by the high school students. The high school students had prepared a parkour for the children to walk through. This consisted of walking with an egg on a spoon, a slalom, throwing a ball through a hoop, throwing ping-pong balls in a sack, a sack race etc. When both groups finished they swapped places. The younger children got to do the activities on the field and we started a discussion with the older children about what the municipality can do to improve the children’s lives in the mountain villages. While the children were busy some SFERA team members had started to paint the school’s gate. When the older children had finished speaking about their recommendations they went to help with freshening up the gate with a new layer of paint. After the parkours activity the younger children started on a joint communal painting of all the handprints. They had a lot of fun getting creative on the canvas and when finished played some more games.


Soon it was time for us to leave again so we packed everything into the van and said goodbye to the school. We received a tasteful lunch again, this time at a beautiful monastery. Afterwards, we headed back to the office to prepare for the following day.

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