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January 25, 2018
Turkish Lessons
January 26, 2018

If you were curious enough about Romanian lessons that have been taking place since December and that will end very soon, meaning next week, Tuesday, January 30th, you would have discovered a new Romance language and a new culture, the Romanian one, taught by our EVS volunteer, Claudia, through various activities, such as Romanian movie session and basic conversations and knowledge.

Throughout this period, curious participants were thrilled to get to know more about a language that sounds a bit like Italian, Spanish, French or Portuguese, even though it is not that popular as those. Our volunteer has been teaching Romanian on a weekly basis and it has been a new, fun experience both for her students who have never been familiar with this language and for her (teaching Romanian for the first time).  What made it even more fun were the Slavic influences in the Romanian language which could be heard as students learnt new words, or they thought they did.

If you still want to grasp a few things about Romanian, we will see you next Tuesday,from 20.00, at the SFERA Office:
Filip II Makedonski 15/10.

Pe curand!


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