Raising Awareness Amongst Children vol.2

April 2, 2019
Dissemination YOUth on Board
April 3, 2019

Asking 10 year old children if they know what upcycling actually is, I was surprised when the answer I got from them was a mutual and loud “Yes!”.

Our volunteering project is about spreading awareness and putting stronger emphasis on preserving our planet and creatively reusing plastic and trash that we make. The kids are always super enthusiastically on board with that, again practicing their English and showing us, visitors, their amazing crafting skills. The hour was filled with a lot of excitement, creativity and shared smiles. Everyone crafted and decorated phone holders for themselves and at the same time got a little insight into how an upcycling workshop looks like.

In the end, every person could reuse almost all of the trash they make, to turn it into something useful. It is just the matter of time and creativity, which we sadly lack these days, but we can just wait and hope that this information will spread more in time so we can hope to have our Mother Earth for a little bit longer than expected.

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