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May 23, 2019
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May 28, 2019

Last week I was in invited to the Elpida Karamandi elementary school to present nonformal methods to the teachers. The presentation was divided into two days. I have to say it was really challenging for me to stand there in front of teachers with years of experience. The methods I presented are used in non-formal environment during Erasmus+ international projects. These are familiar to me because I have gained some experience thanks to facilitating or co-facilitating some workshops.

I presented seven methods that can be used in formal education during classes. The teachers can adapt them according the subject they teach, it’s very variable. I also presented a method we invented with a colleague of mine. It includes running, brainstorming, team work, and most importantly competition – which pupils adore!

This invitation was really flattering for me, I have to say it was the exact peak of my EVS. Although not so many teachers seemed interested, I still do hope couple of them found the presentation interesting and will use some of the methods. My big thanks go to Mr. Ilimarija Vasilevski, for his attitude and support. He arranged everything and gave me the possibility to present. I hope I will collaborate with this school in the future as well.

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