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From December 2–6, 2019, in order to mark the day of volunteering in Bitola, SFERA International, in partnership with the YMCA Bitola, will organize a volunteering week as part of the project "Volunteer-Progress," whose main purpose is to promote volunteering and youth volunteering for greater involvement in the volunteering process and for their easier further professional development.

Through the realization of the project activities, were achieved the following goals:
1. Raising awareness of the mass inclusion of young people from primary and secondary schools who will be directly involved in volunteering for their better professional development in the local community where they live;
2. Strengthening contacts with secondary and primary schools in the Republic of Northern Macedonia and opportunities for better future cooperation in all fields;
3. Getting to know each other and direct communication between young people from different social groups who together as a team will tackle the benefit of volunteering, which as an altruistic activity is aimed at promoting good, improving the quality of life, and helping with some activities.

Activities during the volunteer’s week:
1. Creative workshops for creating recycled shopping bags from old T-shirts
2. Donate mini libraries with free-donated books to three public institutions
3. Distribution of recycled bags for the purchase of citizens from Bitola
4. Visiting Sue Ryder’s Elderly Home and Organizing Various Recreation and Social Activities
5. NGO Volunteer Fair
6. Volunteer local awards
7. Panel Discussion on Raising Citizens’ Awareness about Volunteering
8. Blood Donation Action