Planting Trees – Gymnasium Taki Daskalo

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December 24, 2021
Green Activism
December 24, 2021

On the 7th of December SFERA International in collaboration with the Local Council for Volunteering of the Municipality of Bitola planted together with students of the Gymnasium Taki Daskalo 20 trees in the schoolyard.

The students were enthusiastic about improving their schoolyard by planting trees. In their free time, they wanted to do something good for society. Even though they realize that they won’t be able to see the full-grown trees. By the time the trees are big, they will be out of school. That didn’t stop them from enjoying doing something for the next generation of school kids.

With tools ready, they started digging holes in the ground where the trees were supposed to go. All the trees were planted in one line parallel to the school fence. After the holes were made it was time to plant the small trees. The sheath around the roots was removed and the trees were planted. Sometimes it was necessary to remove a dead tree first before a new tree could be planted.

After planting the trees the job of SFERA International and the Local Council for Volunteering of the Municipality of Bitola was done. Now it is the task of the school to maintain the trees so they can grow and next-generation school kids can enjoy them.

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