Photo Exhibition GRAFFITI CULTURES at Porta Jazz

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June 26, 2019
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July 12, 2019

On the 5th of July Sfera organized a photography exhibition at Porta Jazz as a dissemination of the results of the YE Graffiti Cultures. The exhibited photographs were created by the participants of the YE that took place in Bitola from 12-20th of June 2019. The project was created to address the need for intercultural dialogue between youth in Europe and promoting the different cultural identities that we have and why it shouldn’t lead to exclusion from society.

30 young people from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and North Macedonia took part of this youth exchange and used photography, video and graffiti as tools to promote intercultural dialogue, cultural identity and diversity and promote inclusion of different cultures in Europe.
The main goal of our project was exploring cultural diversity through folk music, songs, traditional clothes and food and art as a method of cultural and self-expression.

The exhibition stayed over the following weekend and raised interest in all the people visiting the bar. A big thanks goes to Porta Jazz for supporting our event!


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