NECME Dissemination activity in Varna, Bulgaria

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January 29, 2018
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The vice president of SFERA Macedonia, Mende Sekulovski ,was in Varna, Bulgaria, for two days, as as an observer for the Dissemination activity of the Bulgarian part on the New Forms of European Citizenship in Migration Era (NECME) Project. This takes place between October 1st 2016 and April 30th 2018 and it aims at promoting active citizenship of migrants among civil societies, in synergy with institutions involved in the integration process and also by promoting the role of volunteering.

Participants from 16 different countries, among which Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Estonia, Greece, Russia, Germany, etc. will implement activities aimed to overcome xenophobic, intolerant and discriminating behaviors, by raising awareness on fundamental rights and difficulties faced by migrant citizens. Participants will be encouraged to act, either as individual citizens or as organized civil society, in order to facilitate the inclusion of migrants in European society, through the involvement of different stakeholders, such as teachers, law enforcement representatives, European agencies, etc. and the implementation of various methodologies: debates, workshops, etc.)

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