Mission and Vision

Our mission

NGO SFERA INTERNATIONAL – Bitola was first established as an informal group in 2007 known as “Association Young Volunteers Firefighters SFERA. In July 2009, it was officially registered as an NGO/Association in North Macedonia under SFERA INTERNATIONAL.

The organization’s mission is to raise awareness and to educate communities throughout North Macedonia through non-formal education methods on a variety of topics including environmental protection, cultural awareness, healthy lifestyle, youth development, sport, art, and active participation through volunteerism in North Macedonia and Europe.

Our vision

SFERA INTERNATIONAL is to become a sustainable organization that is highly valued to provide opportunities to youth in North Macedonia and to promote sustainable development.






Be the change you want to see in the world “Gandhi”


Goals and Objectives

  • Protection of the environment, cultural and natural heritage
  • Promoting sustainable development and the usage of alternative sources of energy
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle – sport, healthy diet
  • Development of professional and leadership skills among young people
  • Education of youngsters in the field of crisis management (floods, earthquakes, fires, erosion and other natural disasters)
  • Promoting non-formal education and encouraging the creation of systems to support young local, national and international level
  • Promoting youth activism and active citizenship among young people and informing youth about all the opportunities they have
  • Raising the awareness of equality, tolerance, democracy and the introduction of human rights to the youngsters
  • Support and facilitate the process of Europeanization of the country