Meet The Team

The human resources of Sfera organization consists of staff and volunteers that help bring Sfera, as an NGO organization, to be more active in local and international projects. All people involved in the organization have the skills and expertise needed to be involved in future activities, youth work in the community. The organization consists of decision makers who focus on development, youth, local, national, and international initiatives. Below are some of the key members of the organization who focus on the organization engagement, programs, and development.

Milcho Duli


Milcho Duli is the President and one of the founders of SFERA International. He has more than 12 years of experience in the youth work sector and has been working hands on with the youth organization since its beginning. He has a Master Degree in Economics; however, youth work, social development, and project management are his passion. He has been active in many local and international activities organized by SFERA International with a big influence on the local and national level, especially in the field of education focusing youngsters to development skills and competences. On an international level, he has participated in a great number of Erasmus + projects (and Youth in Action projects) as a participant and trainer in more than 15 Training Courses in different countries in Europe. Milcho has a variety of experiences especially in the areas of informal education, leadership, democracy, human rights, entrepreneurship and employability as his primary experience. He has brought the NGO to the next level of achievement in all sectors.

Katerina Popovska

Project Manager and General Secretary

Katerina Popovska is the Project Manager and General Secretary for SFERA International. She has been actively working with youth for 4 years; however, she has been volunteering with SFERA International for over 6 years. She has previous experience in working with local youth to promote and empower leadership, democracy and self-development. On the international level, she has participated in over 20 Youth Exchanges and Training Courses, and has been a leader in over 10 Youth Exchanges. Throughout the years with the organization, she has gained project management and leadership skills that makes her one of the most active youth workers in SFERA International. Katerina holds a Bachelor in Financial Management, and is currently working on her Master’s thesis’s topic “Social Responsibility of Companies.”

Mende Sekulovski


Mende Sekulovski is the Vice President of SFERA International and an active youth worker in the organization with 4 years of volunteering experience with the NGO and 1 year of working experience. He has participated in over 15 Youth Exchanges and Training Courses. He is always motivated to work with the youth and learn new non-formal methods and technique. The experience that he has had during the last 2 years on working with youth projects has made him a skilled project coordinator. He holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Law.

Jovana Kalica

Social Media Manager

Jovana Kalica is a Social Media Manager in SFERA International since 2019. She has amazing organizational skills, excellent communication skills and loves working in a multicultural environment. She promotes SFERA by writing monthly newsletters, creating events, taking pictures and making videos. She updates all of the social media platforms where SFERA has an account.