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May 17, 2019
Voluntary activity Eu4all
May 18, 2019

SFERA Macedonia facilitated and participated in an incredible Youth Exchange, Life 4 Hacking 2.0, located in Store Heddinge, Denmark from 6 – 14 of May. We went over hacks to use in our daily lives in three different subjects – Nature, Food, and Technology, to make our lives easier. The project was rewarding and interesting as a whole. We had thirty-two participants from six different country: Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia, Romania, and North Macedonia.


The first day was dedicated to name games and team building activities to get to know each other and gain team morale. The activities went along smoothly and enthusiastically. The second day was dedicated to Hacking Nature, where the participants created their own shelters, fires, and collected edible and dangerous plants. They were able to find out the time and the cardinal directions by using the sun’s position. Also, they learned to make their own water filtration system. They also played a survival game in order to test their new skills. The second day was dedicated to Hacking Food, where the participants learned cooking tips and tricks along with looking at the different food pyramids from countries around the world. They learned to cut an onion without crying, make a decorative apple that looked like a swan, and how to properly peel a hard-boiled egg. The participants also cooked the dinner for the night, which turned out wonderfully delicious!

The fourth day was Hacking Technology, where the participants learned to create their own real life filters using regular household items, make speakers, and how to use the editing program, PowerDirector to create their own videos. They took some wonderful photos and learned new ways to get that next great creative photo. The next two days were dedicated to creating videos about the hacks that were learned through the project, with some free time to explore the local village. All of the participants worked tirelessly to make seven videos that showed the work through the project. We all learned so much through the project, about the subject and the countries involved. Overall the project was a great success and it was so much fun to work with the youth from all over Europe.

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