Let’s Floorball Again!

Art Attack Fun Day
December 18, 2017
My journey to Macedonia: week 2
December 19, 2017

Everyone knows that the earlier you start on good habits, the longer they stick and physical activity is no exception.

SFERA organized a new floorball game on December 18 at SOU Josip Broz Tito high school. The aim was to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, encompassed in a fun sport activity. SFERA representatives Milcho and Kate and EVS volunteers Claudia and Aynur introduced floorball to second year high school pupils, during their gym class. For a whole hour, the adolescents had the chance to play against each other, burn some calories and have loads of fun.

How did it end? Well, it ended with some heavy breathing, sweat, but for a good reason: everybody was introduced to a new way of exercising while spending quality time together and making new friends at SFERA.

Until the next Floorball game, stay healthy!

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