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February 8, 2018
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February 10, 2018

A Language Exchange event was taken part in the Piano Bar, organized by Patricia Oana, a Romanian volunteer of SFERA Macedonia.

Ten people came to the event and discussed ethical issues, the rising of the artificial intelligence and its potential problems and the sustainability of the earth with the exponential growth of the humanity, between many other subjects.

Some of the questions asked were: “What is the biggest waste of time of humanity?”, “What was the strangest thing you ever done in your life?”, “Is having children the most important thing in life?”, “If you pressed a button that would kill some random person and give you one more year of life, would you press it?”. The participants tried to answer the questions according to their beliefs and personal experience, with everybody really focused and interested in each other’s answers.

The questions asked showed some cultural differences, but also many similarities, between participants from Macedonia, Romania and Portugal. Many of the questions had some ethical issues and dilemmas, that unleashed discussions about the best way of dealing with those issues.

An interesting and enjoyable way of spending the evening.

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