Konuralp from Turkey

Uliana from Ukraine
May 7, 2018
Arzu from Turkey
May 7, 2018

2 months ago, I made a fast decision and applied for EVS and it turned out to be my best decision this year. I arrived here on first of April and will leave on first of June. So, I had 8 weeks to spend here. I was thinking that the time would not be enough to do something remarkable but I was wrong. I have attended some Intercultural nights, some charity events, some workshops where I learned a lot. Living in a different cultural atmosphere widens my world view. Understanding another culture is not easy task but I think I am doing OK. I am struggling to learn Macedonian because I believe the best way to understand each other is to communicate. And verbal communication takes the biggest slice of the cake when you are trying to know another culture. Actually, I can’t describe Macedonian culture as “another one” because after 5 weeks I really feel like I belong here.[ Well, actually my grand grand father was born in Skopje so that kinda has something to do this feeling 🙂 ]

Here in Bitola we are carrying out projects, most of them environmental. My main project is titled “Clean Up Your Mess”. Me and Arzu came up with an idea to built a fence with used plastic bottles. Ever Wednesday we visit Kliment Ohridski Primary School and work with students. And this Wednesday we finished it. You can see it on the school garden. Sometimes we talked about some environmental facts and students were really interested. Later I found out that they are students of Eco-class. I also found out in every Macedonian school there is an Eco-Class. I am really amazed by that fact. 

I also carry out some other workshops. I am teaching Turkish in Beginner and Advanced level. It is my first time to teach Turkish to a room of people but I never had hard time. Because my very precious and clever students! They are really into Turkish culture.(Thanks to Karasevda, Yaprak Dökümü, Süleyman The Magnificant and DÖNER) By the end of my Bitola adventure I am sure they will be able to express themselves clearly in Turkish.

Also, we had great time apart from workshops and volunteering. We have been in “couple of ” parties. If you have ever seen some people dancing in front row in Kamarite, it was probably me and other volunteers. I have been Sirok Sokak everyday. Actually, I wanted to discover every single cafe on Sirok Sokak, but it looks like I will fail. But still, I have been in most of them. If I ever come back I will try to finish this task. 

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