Intercultural evening at atelier SOLAK

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October 31, 2018
Coffee with Artists
November 1, 2018

As part of the planned activities for the artists currently residing in Bitola for the project ECHO, we organized an intercultural evening n 29th of October at the atelier Solak. The aim of the intercultural night was so that the artists can have the chance to present some traditional food and beverages from their countries and have a night of sharing of cultures.

The whole evening was organized in a very informal way and with a relaxed atmosphere the artists enjoyed the food and drinks they brought.

As part of the evening we watched the film “Before the rain” from Milcho Manchevski, as one of the most important and influential Macedonian films. After the movie, we had a discussion inspired by the film, and we got very positive feedback from the international artists that they got very inspired by the film and they learned many new things about our country, traditions, customs and history.

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