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Italian Lessons
January 23, 2018
Romanian lessons
January 25, 2018

Do you already have a grasp on the Spanish language? Would you like to continue learning? We are happy to inform you that SFERA is hosting intermediate Spanish lessons, held by our language-enthusiast EVS, Patricia and they take place every Wednesday, from 17.00, at SFERA office (address: Filip II Makedonski 15/10). The first class already took place last week, January 17th and it was introductory (review of the alphabet, vocabulary practice), so you still have time to join! For any changes in the schedule, please follow SFERA’s Facebook page or contact us, if Patricia does not have your contact information.

Classes will consist in activities and conversations; therefore, they are geared towards students who already have prior knowledge of the language. For all the beginners reading this, you are welcomed to sit-in too and catch up.

Hasta luego!

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