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May 15, 2018
May 15, 2018

On 12th of May we hiked to Smolevo. Weather was nice, everybody was looking fresh on that Saturday noon. On our way to Saint Atanas Church we discovered  two planes which were used in Second World War and some old Military base. But there is more important thing, we connected with the nature while we are hiking. The nature was breath-taking as always. It took approximately 1 hour to reach Saint Atanas Church.

Our wilderness guide Andrew, who has a lot of experience as man in the wilderness, talked about what should we do if we ever get lost in wilderness. We talked about rule of three which is the most fundamental thing to know to survive. We learned how to make a shelter, how to start long lasting fire and how to reach to water. Andrew built some miniature shelter and he showed how to form the woods to make a fire. Even in this brief period of time we learned a lot about survival skills. All of the participants can survive in the wilderness now.


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