Furkan KALIT EVS Second Month in Macedonia ( February 2018 )

EVS Macedonia
April 2, 2018
Final EVS Blog in Macedonia
April 5, 2018

I’m  continuously meeting new people. There are a lot of Turkish people and it makes me feel better. They are asking where they can do shopping. I have a dinner with my Turkish students and they won’t let me pay, that was very friendly of them.

The next day we went to the Museum. There are a lot of Turkish and Ataturk’s stuff in the museum. I felt emotional and my eyes were full of tears.  There are Turkish cultural dresses, photos, documents and videos. It’s a really amazing place for me. This country is like my second home. We have a very similar cultures. You can meet Turkish people at every corner ant they are very friendly and helpful.

We went to Ohrid with Portuguese Volunteers. Ohrid is a really amazing town, there are a lot of historical buildings, churches, museums and a view with a very good leak effect. I get used living in Macedonia, this is my second home for sure.

I met a semi Turkish semi Macedonian guy. His name is Sertaç. Finally I have a male good friend. Now everything will be better. He owns a döner Shop – Istanbul döner, and the food tastes same as in my country. I recommended this place, everyone should visit this restaurant.

Twice a week we are going to the Rehabilitation center. The feeling is so amazing! The kids are very interesting and it’s a great experience for me.

We are making upcycling project with Portuguese friends in school and I took all the photos during the project. I talk a lot with the kids during the project, they are so smart and they can speak English very good.

We went to cinema in Bitola and it’s a very good experience for me too. This project is going to end soon and I’ll be sad, I really used to live here. I’m sure I‘ll come and visit Macedonia again.

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