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November 19, 2020
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February 18, 2021

Two representatives from Sfera International took part in the first online pilot training course for Dialogators from 09 – 13 November 2020, as part of the strategic partnership “PRO DIALOGUE” – Combating hate speech and fake news through the intercultural dialogue of citizens.
The 15 participating adult education actors on the training course were trained as the first Dialogators and dealt with topics such as:
– Identification of fake news and hate speech on the internet
– fake news about and hate speech against certain vulnerable groups
– Fake news and hate speech in the context of global economic development, different cultures, religions and politics
– Public relation and fundraising for conducting dialogue activities (adult education measures) to avoid fake news and hate speech

The online training course was the first of two training courses which aim at the education of Dialogators in order to enable them to plan, prepare, implement and evaluate the described social dialogue at the local/regional level through most different, especially intercultural activities that go beyond the classics “Plenary Discussion” and “Round Table”.
At the end of the two trainings, the participants shall also be prepared for training multipliers who will inform about the work of the Dialogators and advertise the dialogue activities towards civil society organizations, educational institutions, welfare associations and NGO as well as public institutions.

Following we are sharing the personal experience of our participants regarding the first online training course:

Simona Sidorovska
First of all, I joined on this training, because I wanted to know more about the word “Dialogue” so strange for Macedonians, and how we can communicate better. Also I wanted to meet some new people, spend some time with positivity and learn more about their country, culture, see their opinions and how they saw on things.
I learned a lot from this training, about the hate speech in the political area in every country that participate in the training, also including our country and some things that I didn’t know before.
I definitely meet my expectations, about learning something new, meeting new people that were so communicative, positive, friendly and open minded.
Only obstacle was that the training was online, it lost the essence of the energy that you can feel from training in person. I got tired so quickly, looking in the screen and sitting on a chair for hours. But it was worth it, I loved it.
I will for sure recommend these kind of trainings to all my friends, actually to everyone who wants to spend some quality time.

Filip Gagovski
I joined this training because wanted to learn how to recognize fake news and also to learn how to they effect the ethnic minorities, the LGBT community in my countries and also in other countries.
I learned a lot of things. For example now i can recognize which news are real and which are not, and also how people from different background are discriminated not just in my country, but also in different countries around Europe.
The online training was I bit challenging because these trainings in my opinion is better done in person so we can interact and with the other participants and also learn a lot by asking them more questions.
This training taught me a lot of things and how little things i know about my surroundings so i would definitely recommend the for my friends and family.

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