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January 26, 2018
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January 29, 2018

From 15th to the 23rd of January, Besa, Hristina, Gorazd and Krisijan attended a training course – “Film it – Mobility of youth workers“, held in Bacoli, Italy. This project was organized by SFERA Italy, a youth organization with a mission to raise awareness and to educate communities.

The training course gathered 26 participants from EU and non EU countries of Europe, with different experience in youth work assessment, to discuss, share and to learn how to develop the video making and marketing competences. Two professional trainers guided the learning process. The methodology was based on non-formal education with energizers, brainstorm, group work, discussions, etc.

The training course was focused on basic knowledge on modern programmes and platforms supporting video-making, promotions and dissemination and basic rules of copyrights, creative common etc. It started with getting to know each other with activities to have a better working atmosphere in the diverse group.

The most valued thing about the training course was the open discussions, in which participants felt free to share debate and challenge their opinions also have a goal to achieve in their small groups.

The outcomes from the training were five amazing videos that were recorded to promote five different local NGOs in Bacoli.

Enormous thank you to the trainers, as well as to SFERA Macedonia, our sending NGO for providing us with this opportunity.



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