November 8, 2018
Upgrade your neighborhood – Brand your city by Elpida Sdrali
November 13, 2018


Project “Europe 4 All” financed by Europe for Citizens programme will take place from 01.10.2018 until 01.03.2020. In this project are included 5 partners with good past cooperation from different countries as Macedonia, Italy, Albania, Malta, and Germany. With the par The aim of the project is to give European citizens the opportunity to be protagonists in the creation of a more committed Europe, through the mutual work of people from different cultures and social contexts, on themes of great interest for civil society, EU and institutions, and all partners need to promote EU values and the benefit of the EU, observe the election processes in the partner countries and the EU in general and research what are the problems for having low voting turnout in the past years, and propose solutions to the problems, engage youngsters from the partner organizations to become active citizens, promote volunteering and active citizenship, deepen the knowledge of youth about the EU institutions and policies, to understand the democratic processes and motivate them to develop a stronger feeling of being a European Citizen.

The project requires 6 events which first one is KICK OFF which will be implemented in Tirana Albania. The second one is VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY which should be implement in each partner country, third one is RESEARCH which should be make it in each partner country, fourth one is  STUDY VISIT which should be organized in Palermo Italy, fifth one is PANEL DISCUSSION in Valetta MALTA and sixth one as final conference will be in Bitola MACEDONIA.

In each event is planned to have 25 – 50 participants directly involved and 300 indirectly involved.

This project will have great impact, not only for the participants who are directly involved, but also on the stakeholders

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