Environment in Bitola: Air Pollution by Nemanja Kuzmanović

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December 20, 2021
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December 24, 2021

This publication is a research paper about ‘’Environment in Bitola: Air Pollution’’, which was developed and created by youth worker Nemanja Kuzmanović.

The paper consists subjects and topics such as: The level of air pollution in Bitola, what are the consequences, the sources of the polluted air, comparison of the air during the seasons, what detrimental effects does the polluted air in Bitola have on human health and what can be done and what have been done thus far to lower pollution levels in Bitоla. These are significant problem for cities and urban centers in North Macedonia, more specifically in Bitola which provides estimates of the health burden. Also, at the end, article covers the approved national energy strategy that was adopted and approved by North Macedonia’s government.

The research is one of the final outcomes and products of his project Route WB6, Regional Cross-Border Volunteering Program. The project was financed by RYCO, Regional Youth Cooperation Office and coordinated and heavily supported by Non-governmental youth organization SFERA International, based in Bitola, North Macedonia.


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