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January 24, 2019
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January 26, 2019

Our Training Course “Gamification” that took place in Rijeka, 14th – 22nd, January, about how to use game elements in a youthwork, is accomplished – we learned a lot, created a space for sharing experiences and it was a big success!!

Exploring educational games as a powerful methodology for youth workers directly working with young people at risk of social exclusion.Providing youth workers with practical skills in designing, implementing and facilitating educational games adapted to their work with young people.

We provided participants with a free space to take the challenge and to apply the knowledge and skills acquired at the very spot during the TC. It was amazing to see all of their effort and creativity they came up with, see the learning process and the results out of it.

What is gamification, how to gamify, Non-verbal communication, development stages, stereotypes, communication styles, debriefing methods, LARP, improvisation theater, educational pop quiz, were only a part of what we experienced during this TC.

We are so glad we got the chance to meet all these amazing participants from Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, and Bulgaria, that contributed so much with their devotion and eager for new knowledge.

A big thanks to our wonderful partner organizations,, SFERA Macedonia, L’Arca del blues, Solidarity Mission Academy, BartQltura, Фондация Смокиня / Smokinya Foundation, without whose great support and help, we managed to successfully implement our TC! It was a pleasure to collaborate with you!

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