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Start-ups on social entrepreneurship developed by 24 youths at the international course- ELAN



Bucharest, 23.01.2020- 24 european youth workers assist at the intensive course of training about social entrepreneurship through the Entrepreneurship Learning in an Active Network (ELAN) project, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme. During the 8 days of training, the participants will learn from the success stories of social entrepreneurs from Romania and will develop from scratch a social entrepreneurship project.


Between 22-29 of January 2020, the Center for Nonprofit Legislation will develop a training course with the representatives of six youth organizations From Poland, Spain, Republic of North Macedonia, Lithuania, Greece and Romania. The objectives of the training are: the development of entrepreneurship skills and specific skills, testing of methods and concepts of entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship, but also the creation of at least 4 proposals for social entrepreneurship projects to be developed later in their organizations.


The training course within the ELAN project is an invitation for youth workers to rediscover their creativity, the spirit of initiative, effective tools and methods of entrepreneurship education. They will experiment and become familiar with the stages of launching a social start-up and to create a business plan for it.


“The young people’s expectations from youth workers have changed in recent years. Many of them need support in professional development and guidance in launching their own start-ups. At the same time, the youth organizations aim to have an increased impact at the local level and to develop social entrepreneurship projects. Thus, the ELAN project comes to support both the youth workers and their organizations. ”, stated Alexandra Oros, the initiator of the project.


As part of the project, the organizations and participants will contribute to the creation of 4 social business plans, as well as 6 interactive maps that familiarize young people with the opportunities related to entrepreneurship education. This initiative comes as a complement to the strategic project Youth Social Entrepreneurship Hub, in which was developed a learning platform on social entrepreneurship in English. Also, the CLNR team has developed textbooks on entrepreneurship education in 3 communities from Calarasi County and organizes workshops on this topic for about 400 students and 15 teachers.


The ELAN project is implemented by the The Center for Nonprofit Legislation for eight months, with the financial support of the European Commission Program – Erasmus + and partner organizations- Xano Channel asociación para el Desarrollo comunitario (Spania), 4YOUth Foundation for Supporting Youth Initiatives (Polonia), Asociacija “Aktyvus jaunimas” (Lituania), Association for Sustainable Development Sfera Macedonia Bitola (Macedonia de Nord) and Neoi ellados se eyropaiki drasi (Grecia).


The Center for Nonprofit Legislation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization launched in 2013 with the purpose of providing accurate information and clear answers on the legal issues facing associations and foundations in their current activity. The association has created a resource platform for non-governmental organizations (www.legiong.ro) and a public decision monitoring service (issuemonitoring.ro).


For more details about the project, write us at:


Alexandra Oros


+40724 162 747





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