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April 2, 2019
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April 10, 2019

In life there are many things that inspire us. From the great events in the world, to the small changes within ourselves, are all part of the cycle that we call life. But for me, nothing is more inspiring than moments spent with the people who I value.

It is not often that you can thrust yourself into a group of people and be accepted for who you really are with no questions asked, but that is exactly what happened on a November afternoon in a small town in Poland.

Departing my country and embarking on an almost 2-day trip to Polanica Zdroj left me feeling exhausted upon arrival, but not a long time after that I felt energized by the positive atmosphere in the building. It was a kind of warmth that reminded me of home, not in a physical, but in a spiritual manner. It was a sort of calmness that made me feel welcomed.

Once the training started and we dove deeper into the substance of the matter, it was evident that the instructors were experienced and knowledgeable individuals, who were deeply devoted into bestowing upon us all the tricks of their trade. We had colorful workshops, we had energetic lectures, we were given the opportunity to see real life situations and learn to react to them.

Safety is a number one priority no matter the situation, and I am proud to say that the training course in Polanica Zdroj embodied what safety should represent and how crucial it is for us to be prepared and alert to all kinds of situations.

Henceforth, I would like to finish this note by writing about the most pleasant surprise of the training course, the participants. I simply could not believe how many, and I am saying this without the slightest exaggeration, lifelong friends I have made during those brief few days. During the days and during the nights, there were times when it felt like I have known them my whole life, and I felt comfortable sharing with them my deepest secrets.

With that I would like to finish, and warmly, and full heartedly recommend Polanica Zdroj and the wonderful, caring, and professional organization team to anyone that has a chance to work with them. It is simply an experience that cannot be matched, replicated or duplicated, no matter how hard you try.


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