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Dissemination Social Media as a key tool for social workers
March 23, 2020
Dissemination Europe meets the world
March 25, 2020

SFERA International was leading a youth exchange in Thessaloniki, Greece 02-11 March 2020, on a topic related to everyday happening in our world. Being responsible means take care of your footprints but also your acts in the society. On our exchange we had a workshops and simulations on refugees and migrants and their everyday life from 2015 until this moment. During 10 days we produce a blog with promotional and info materials regarding e-activism, how to be aware of migrations and refugees but also their integration. You can visit our blog here: https://yeworldcitizens2020.blogspot.com

More info about the idea behind the project:
Social exclusion is often a symptom of poverty, conflict and insecurity The successful social inclusion of marginalized group in multicultural societies of Europe depends largely on how many opportunities for social participation they are given Members of minority groups are prone to different treatment in the countries and societies in which they live This discrimination may be directly based on an individual’s perceived membership of a minority group, without consideration of that individual’s personal achievement Acquiring alternative and effective instruments for dealing with these issues is necessary and represents a priority.

The world is interconnected in ways it has never been before. With social media, television, and the internet, people have more in common than ever, while at the same time challenged to live together and experience each other’s cultures in a way not experienced in the past. This interconnection has caused as many conflicts as it has benefits. People and governments are more aware of social injustices, revolutions, and environmental issues aware that they must work together now more than ever. More people are not living in their native countries, temporarily or permanently. Including refugees, which has been a hot topic in Europe in the past few years and will continue to be a topic of discussion in the future.

This intercultural world, this changing world, needs people who are willing to have these tough conversations. To face their own ideas, potential prejudice, thoughts, straight on and create a constructive conversation about it. There is a need for thoughtful, open, cultured, youth who are willing and ready to make change in their community and in turn, the world. This is what we want in our own communities, and why we want to do this project.
The project was funded by Erasmus + program trough Greek NA.

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