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August 8, 2018
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August 8, 2018

SFERA Macedonia members were participating in the project, SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE AND LEADERSHIP FOR YOUTH 2.0 that took place in KRIKSNOVE, LITHUANIA 19 – 26 May 2018. This training course was designed for Youth Educators who willing to develop the personal focus on entrepreneurship and leadership in work with youth in own community. The programme itself will touch the following topics: Entrepreneurship as a unity of competence, self-assessment of Entrepreneurship competence of youth, core values: communication and trust, a particular attention will be paid on creativity (design thinking and self-presentation & storytelling). Participants will get practical aspects of entrepreneurship education and methods to use in work with young people.

We arrived at the airport in the late afternoon hours. As we were waiting for the pick-up, I could feel the constant growth of the excitement. We all had a smile on our faces, but at the same time we were questioning ourselves if we made a good choice coming here. Few hours later we arrived at the beautiful place so called Kirkshnove, which made this project even more unforgettable. The organizers’ smiling faces and the welcoming party they prepared for us was the first step into getting to know each other.

Next day, or the official first day of the project was dedicated to activities and so called name games which point was to get the members of the project know more about other participants backgrounds, occupation in life and what they enjoy doing in their free time. Remaining days of the project we spent mostly on activities about the complex process of design thinking. We spent same amount of time and effort on each part of the design thinking process (Discovery, Inspiration, Ideation, Experimentation, and Evolution), so we could finalized the Evolution part with great results. Also, we spent the majority of time doing team building activities, which lead to making true friends for lifetime. And last but not least, we learned something about storytelling.

As we were chatting during coffee breaks, each of us could claim that this project was different than the most we had participated. It thought us about respecting others, respecting their opinion and their way of life. We realized how we are all so different from each other, with different backgrounds and culture, have different habits and opinions, but at the end we all accept and respect each other. As we all had doubts about being there at the beginning, we ended up feeling happy and lucky to be part of this project.

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