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March 24, 2020
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March 26, 2020

Shortly before this virus took the attention of all of us, six friends and I had the privilege of participating in a youth Exchange called “Europe Meets the World”. It took place in Orahovica, Croatia from 25th of February until 8th of March 2020 and was financed by Erasmus +. In this project we developed the spirit of cooperation within the group, a great experience working with these people, and recommend everyone to apply to Erasmus + (after the virus ofc). It was necessary to discuss problems that arise all over the world.

This exchange was different from usual because of the topic , so we worked on meeting different parts of the world, like East , South Asia, Latin America..
In 11 days, we had the opportunity to discuss , research and debate about different cultures , systems, politics, religions and food in the countries below .
Participants from six countries, seven people each country were implementing their own ways of working. Every day, different national group was facilitating the day, making the agenda for that day and presenting their presentations and researched materials.

Every day, we had four workshops with breaks in between, and afternoon we would use for walks in the forest In Orahovica, maybe playing basketball or just chilling all together. Every night we would have a party, beer pong, movie night, playing taboo or other games, which I also consider important on exchanges. Important because that’s how you make new friendships, loves, and spent quality time outside your room.

After the project, which I think is the same after every Erasmus project, you go home and have some post travelling or post project depression :’) . Mostly you keep in touch with lot of people that you meet there and you want to go back there. Most probably you start searching for the next project and that’s why you need to taste Erasmus+ magic.

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