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February 9, 2019
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February 9, 2019

The first (physical) mobility of young people within the project “Design Your Job 4” – education of “the basics of 3D modeling and animation of computer games” was held in Bitola – Macedonia from 17-23 January 2019.


The educational program is designed to cover the basics of 3D modeling, as was done during this activity. The educational process does not end here, but now the target group of young people participates in virtual mobility through which to perform tasks and practice their skills for the next 2 months.

The program then proceeds with the second physical mobility of young people that will be realized in April in Novi Sad. Here the educational program builds on animations, work with shadows and rendering of works / works.


Under the mentorship of the first education cycle lecturer, Mr. Ivana Francuski from Eipix Entertainment, young 6 participants from Macedonia and 6 participants from Serbia, besides getting acquainted with 3D max inteface, worked with the basics of geometry, animation, a special approach to working with light in the world of computer games and many other important factors .

The motivation and perseverance of young participants were above expectations, they quickly entered the pace with an intensive pace of learning and a methodology of work. Cohesion among the participants and understanding with the lecturer were present from the start, which was in favor of team work and such an atmosphere when group work came to order.


A one-day visit to Pelister National Park was refreshing to all of us; we rested a bit from the 3D world and together we enjoyed the natural beauties of Pelister. This, of course, further boosted the working energy and enthusiasm among young people.

During their stay in Bitola, the program was visited by the representative of the company “Inter Works” g. Nikola Popovski, as well as a representative of the National Agency for Employment of Macedonia (AVRM). How successful this visit was, was the fact that the next day we had a meeting with the director of the regional branch of AVRM in Bitola, with whom we had a very constructive discussion. The following day, we communicated with the management of the International Cooperation Department and projects on the next project within the “Design Your Job” initiative.

However, this is not the end, we have already agreed with the ICT company’s directors from Macedonia to prepare for a new educational program that will teach young programming in Java and JavaScript languages.

It is a very demanding but also exciting time in front of us so that if you are interested in where we are going and what we do, follow us …


The project was co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme by the European Commission.




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