Cleaning action in Pelister area

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May 28, 2019
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May 28, 2019

On Wednesday 22nd May SFERA Macedonia organized a cleaning event in the location of Drvena Cesma in the area of Pelister National Park. The whole SFERA team participated and also three more volunteers joined us to support this event. We chose this location because lot of people gathers there for picnics and the place is littered. Usually. But to our surprise, there was not so much of garbage around! We couldn’t believe the place was clean, we just found “only a few” bottles or some other litter. It was really good to see that people started to clean after themselves and don’t make landfill out of the National Park.  Then we started to discover this are, went more to the closest forest and found some “treasures” as a shoe, wheel disk or lots of bottles. Around the benches there was also a lot of cigarette ends. Those stay in the nature for 15 years. If you stay in the nature and smoke, please, take them back with you.

We put to the area of Drvena Cesma a wooden sign where we announce to the visitors of this place not to leave the garbage in the nature but clean after themselves. When we cleaned this place, we moved to the area of Magarevo, close to the river. The view wasn’t pleasant at all. We found lot of plastic bottles, also rubber shoes and loads of garbage. It took us a while to reach the sports around the river and above. We made pictures before and after cleaning and we hope it will stay clean as long as possible.

The last area was few meters below this village, we cleaned one sport around the dustbin. The weather was lovely and we felt really happy about this event. We collected lot of garbage and had the good feeling we did something helpful for the nature. And you can do as well! If you see some waste, pick it up and throw it to the bin. Nature will thank you ?

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