November 8, 2021

Clean-up action – from Smolevo to Heraclea

On the 6th of November, SFERA organised a clean-up action. The clean-up action started in Smolevo at the small monastery on top of the mountain. Before […]
November 12, 2021

Hike to Smolevo “Find Your Inside Outside”

On the 6th of November, the participants from Sfera that went to the Youth Exchange: “Find Your Inside Outside” organized a nice hike to Smolevo as […]
November 12, 2021

Workshop – Be smarter than your sources

On the 8th of November, our Dutch volunteer hosted a workshop about different kinds of sources and how to judge their reliability. It was an interactive […]
November 24, 2021

English by speaking

English by speaking was an event where everybody had a change to speak. It is about casual conversation in English. Find out when the next one is held to get a magical language learning formula.
December 20, 2021

Art Attack of December 2021

On Friday, the 17th of December, the two Dutch volunteers organized an Art Attack. For every person that attended the Art Attack, there was a canvas, […]
December 20, 2021

Environment in Bitola: Air Pollution by Nemanja Kuzmanović

This publication is a research paper about ‘’Environment in Bitola: Air Pollution’’, which was developed and created by youth worker Nemanja Kuzmanović. The paper consists subjects […]
December 24, 2021

Workshop – Gender, Identity, Affection and Preferences

On the 15th of December, SFERA International organized a workshop about gender identity, affection and preferences. The workshop was delivered by a certified youth worker and […]
December 24, 2021

Planting Trees – Gymnasium Taki Daskalo

On the 7th of December SFERA International in collaboration with the Local Council for Volunteering of the Municipality of Bitola planted together with students of the […]
December 24, 2021

Green Activism

On the 22nd of December, SFERA International organised a workshop about 17 Sustainable Development goals. Extra attention was paid to Green Activism. The workshop was delivered […]