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May 9, 2019
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May 17, 2019

The upcycling workshops at Elpida Karamandi are still going on. The latest ones happened on Thursday 9th May. With two classes of eight graders we created bracelets out of the plastic bottles and knitting yarns. The first class was in the young men company only. And they were all so creative!  Creating those bracelets was awareness how to create a nice looking gift for someone from materials they can find at home. Out of one large plastic bottle they can create several bracelets so they can create lots of bracelets for family members.


Throughout the whole first class was a nice atmosphere, we had fun, some of the boys managed to create two bracelets or decide to make decorated bowls out of the bottoms of the plastic bottles. The bowls can be placed on a working table for stationary or for some snacks. With the second class we didn’t have so much time given as with the previous one so we managed to create bracelets only. The pupils worked really nicely and they created lovely outcomes. I’m really satisfied with their work and approach.


Looking forward for the next workshop in this elementary school!

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