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August 30, 2019
September 10, 2019
“A great event was held in Bitola on Monday (August 26th) for children, young people and families. There was something fun for everyone at the event called the art explosion. Graffiti, henna, face painting, finger painting, canvas drawing were the five main themes of the event. Also there was a great music feast with DJ. 
Participation in the event in the Gradski Park was very high. A good organization took place with many people who were aware of our event or just joined the remarkable environment when passing by. Some of them wrote the name of their loved ones on graffiti, some of them made their art and made a great visual. Numerous people waited with excitement to get henna to their hands or arms. The children colored their days with face painting and finger painting.
Some people threw the tiredness of the day off by painting on a canvas. Some people took part in all the events and caught a nice combination.
By the way, this event was the last activity of 4 volunteer young people who came with a short-term Erasmus project. They and SFERA International would like to thank all Bitolians for their interest and participation. Don’t forget to follow us on social media in order to participate in SFERA events and be informed.”
Samet Kurtuldu
Volunteer of SFERA
The last event of our volunteering was a really big organization. oil paint, face painting, henna, graffiti and painting activities were held together. I was interested in oil painting. even though we were at the beginning of the event, all of the canvases were already full. everyone was interested in their own activity, almost 60 people were present. I helped the face painting part of the crowd. and we took photos at the end of the event was a very fun event.
Volunteer of SFERA

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