Kite Workshop

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October 21, 2018
Intercultural Evening
October 24, 2018

The idea of the workshop was to create kites that could be used in the kite flying event the following day.

It was decided to make simple diamond-shaped kites which are easy to make and sturdy. In keeping with SFERA’s values, the materials used were those that can be upcycled or found at home.

In total there were seven people present, two organizers from SFERA and five participants.

For the main frame, participants could choose between using straws or wooden skewers. To cover the frame, one could choose between a plastic table cloth, garbage bag or contact paper. The basic construction could then be decorated with scraps of paper or cloth, tissue, markers.

As well as being readily available, the materials are also very light which is important for the functionality of the kite.

The workshop began with explaining the process of making the kite and drawing a diagram on the board. After that, everyone worked at their own pace wih help from the organizers as needed. Participants were encouraged to decorate the kites as they wish, without any suggested designs.

After everyone finished making a small kite as practice, four bigger kites were made, including one with the SFERA logo.

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