Art Attack

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May 17, 2019
Life 4 Hacking 2.0
May 18, 2019

We decided to organize the event, `Art Attack` again to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with the nice people of Bitola. This time we decided to paint a perfect landscape of Istanbul. By doing so, we wanted people to get more knowledge about Turkey and the magnificent sunset in Istanbul.

We brought paints, canvas and all other necessary materials to the art gallery where is the Association of Artists of Bitola located in front of the Bezisten. We invited Bitolski people for the event by publishing it on the SFERA Facebook page. There were about 12 people of different ages at the event. We enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere with classical music, snacks, and wine. It was the first painting experience for some people and the final works were full of imagination. Although everybody painted the same artwork, people painted in different ways by using their creativity. In conclusion, we had the opportunity to improve our connections with the local people and had a wonderful time doing so.

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