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Demir Kapija Outdoor Festival 20.05.2019
May 21, 2019
Presentation of non-formal methods in formal education
May 28, 2019

Time is running out and my EVS experience is about to end.  So many things happened, so many memories gained. Uh, where to start… One of the nicest event done was to create the flowers from the napkins and give them to the women in Bitola for 8th March. We created 220 napkin flowers and distributed them across the city of Bitola. We started at the bazaar, went to some shops we are familiar with, then we went through green market and continued to Shirok Sokak. We targeted mainly the ladies and women who worked. Our aim was to make women smile and I think it was really successful. The reactions were priceless, especially from the women at the green bazaar. It felt so good! Those are the small act of kindness we should do more in our daily lives.

Another event I would like to mention is Swap or Razmena, that had second edition. It took place in Porta Jazz in the middle of March. Unfortunately, not so many people appeared, although the visibility was vast. I felt sorry about that because I put all my energy into realizing this event which has such a potential. As everything takes time, I do believe it will take four or five years to be popular here. Also, in March the whole SFERA team went for a teambuilding to a picturesque village called Vitoliste. The landscape was so beautiful! Also we had a good time, playing some board games and did some team building activities.

The main activities which I enjoy the most is definitely to work with kids at school. I haven’t had a previous working experience with elementary school age pupils, I’m used to work with young adults mostly. I didn’t know how they will accept the activities we prepared for them or how they would like it. but so far so good. Every workshop there was a blast. It was so enjoyable and I gained so many skills through this experience. I’m really grateful.

Not only working experiences count, also the cultural ones are included. One of them was to see how the Easter is celebrated here in Bitola. The streets were crowded, the atmosphere was so festive, the weather was marvellous. Good to be here in this spring time (although the weather acts differently).

But definitely the peak of my EVS were the two presentations at Elpida Karamandi elementary school. I was invited there to make a presentation for teachers about non-formal methods in formal education. Thanks to my experiences from Erasmus+ project (youth exchanges and training courses) I could share some methods I have learn and use. I had two presentations – firstly for the teachers from the first grade, then for teachers for second grade. I have to say I was very nervous – you are presenting for teachers while you aren’t a teacher and don’t have enough experiences as they do have. But it’s worthy to overcome your fears and face them. I’m really glad I can work with Elpida Karamandi’s elementary school and hope there will be some further collaboration. Tomorrow I’ll have another seminar for teachers – to present Kahoot quiz, an interactive method for pupils.

I have exactly 12 days to leave. My feelings are really mixed. I grew up – professionally and personally. I made new friendships, visited lot of places, was in a nice company of people. I spent in Bitola half a year of my life. And it will belong to the most nicest half a year i my life. Se najlubov, Bitola. Мило ми беше.


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