Еco Сamp ALARM

Architecture Exhibition
July 4, 2018
Poetry Night
July 4, 2018

It’s always nice to escape from the “real world”, but sometimes it can cause more stress than it’s worth. An alternative to this conundrum? Eco camping. For this reason, we chose and sent eight volunteers to the Alarma Festival for four days to organize and attend the workshop(s) in order to raise awareness about the importance of imprint we leave on the world, and how to reduce our harmful practices.

Arguably the most important factor in eco camping comes in the form of the benefit it does to the environment compared to more traditional methods.

From Bitola to Skopje, there were attendants from all over the country that was eager to present their workshops, presentations, and findings.

Our workshop was about zero waste lifestyle, which aims for less and less garbage to be sent to landfills and recycling centers so that we can produce less “imprint” on the environment. After each participant discussed their own interpretation of what zero waste lifestyle is, we progressed to dividing the participants into the group so that they can create their own decorations and accessories out of old materials (and trash!), in the end presenting them to the audience. I must say the audience was really creative at reusing waste. There were fans, bags, roses, redecorated jars and many more.

The festival also included slam poetry event for the people who were eager to show their creative side, concerts to have fun at night and stand up comedy show for a good old laugh.

The hardest part was to leave this amazing eco-friendly camp and awesome people behind, but we will see you next time Alarma. ?


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