KA2 Strategic Partnership – „PRO Dialogue“

SFERA INTERNATIONAL participated in the Kick-off meeting for the project „PRO Dialogue”, which is a Strategic Partnership funded by the Erasmus plus programme. The Kick-off Meeting […]

KA2 Strategic Partnership – „Another ENTRance“

SFERA INTERNATIONAL participated in the Kick-off meeting for the project „Another ENTRance“, which is a Strategic Partnership funded by the Erasmus plus programme. The Kick-off Meeting […]

Training course in Veselice, Czech Republic

From the 8 – 19th of September, some Macedonian participants were able to attend a wonderful training course in Veselice, Czech Republic. The purpose was to help […]

Аntygone Today

From 22nd October until 1st of November, a group od 5 participants from SFERA International, attended to the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Antygone Today”, which took place […]


The FirstAid4Youth is a long-term project related to first premedical aid. The project equipped 48 youth workers (in 4 phases) with advanced tools, skills, and expertise in […]

Dissimination Road to Employment

Six ambitious young people from North Macedonia have participated in an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange held in Croatia. Hoping to increase their chances when searching for a […]

Студенско (ре)формирање

Националниот младински совет на Македонија, заедно со организациите членки, Фондацијата за развој на локалната заедница Штип, Младински Културен Центар – Битола, Форум 16 – Битола, СФЕРА […]


“A great event was held in Bitola on Monday (August 26th) for children, young people and families. There was something fun for everyone at the event […]

The bracelet and necklace workshop

The bracelet and necklace workshop was crowded beyond our expectations. In this workshop, which was attended by 23 people, we provided an environment in which both […]

SFERA @ Retirement home

Our visit to the retirement home was great.  The old have never had so much fun.  Before we went to the nursing home, we offered handmade […]

Art Attack

We ended this month with organizing an art attack in the city park. We put blankets on the grass, prepared the materials we needed such as […]

Movie Night

On July 30th, around 25 people gathered around at the SFERA house to have a movie night. We watched Deadpool, a wonderful comedy filled with action. […]

Karaoke Night

On the 25th of July I organized a Karaoke night at Center Lounge & Fresh Bar. Everything was ready, the screening, the lights, the mic and the […]

Cooking traditional Turkish dishes

On Tuesday, July 23, in the Center Lounge Bar we prepared traditional Turkish dishes. The event started at 6pm and we cooked for 2 hours. The […]

Deep Talk Night

On Tuesday, 16th of July we had Deep Talk at Center Lounge and Fresh Bar and it was a wonderful night. There were about 15-16 people that […]

Cleaning Action & Sausage party

On 17th of July we organized a cleaning action as the SFERA team. We started cleaning from the foothills of the city, about two kilometers away […]

Puzzle Night

On July 15 at 17:00, 12 people participated in the puzzle night, which was my first event. First, we separated the guests into two teams to […]

Dissimination FirstAid4Youth

The FirstAid4Youth is a long-term project related to first premedical aid. The project will equip 48 youth workers (2 participants per partner) (in 4 phases) with […]

Photo Exhibition GRAFFITI CULTURES at Porta Jazz

On the 5th of July Sfera organized a photography exhibition at Porta Jazz as a dissemination of the results of the YE Graffiti Cultures. The exhibited […]

Cleaning Action in Bukovo

On 25th of June Sfera Team organized another Cleaning action but this time in Bukovo, a village in approximately three kilometers distance from the city. The […]

Start Works Youth Exchange

From 17th untill the 26th of April, participants from Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal and North Macedonia took part in the Youth Exchange “START WORKS”. The […]

Henna night

I organized Henna night on 17th of June. It was an interesting day and I really enjoyed. The participants didn’t have any previous experience with henna […]

Art Attack

On the 6th of June we organized Art Attack. We prepared all  the materials that we need, played some music and enjoyed. There were ten participants. […]

Disimination Religious Tolerance in Common Europe

Seminar “Religious Tolerance in Common Europe” took place in Rezekne, Latvia. The project lasted 7 days from 21st till 27th  May2019. EA “World – Our Home” hosted 36 participants from 17 youth organizations from 15 program and […]

TCAU – Recommendations to reducing stigma in Europe

The Citizens Are United (TCAU) is a project funded with the support of the “Europe for Citizens” programme of the European Union, and is carried out […]

Turkish Night

As many volunteers in SFERA are currently from Turkey, we decided a great event would be a ‘Turkish Night’. As North Macedonia and Turkey share a […]

Chorap workshop

I decided to make a workshop with Roma children by using old socks to make dolls.  I thought it would be fun and interactive for these […]

Cleaning action in Pelister area

On Wednesday 22nd May SFERA Macedonia organized a cleaning event in the location of Drvena Cesma in the area of Pelister National Park. The whole SFERA […]

Presentation of non-formal methods in formal education

Last week I was in invited to the Elpida Karamandi elementary school to present nonformal methods to the teachers. The presentation was divided into two days. […]

Demir Kapija Outdoor Festival 20.05.2019

SFERA went to the Outdoor Festival in Demir Kapija and had so much fun setting up our workshop for some of the local youth at the […]

Life 4 Hacking 2.0

SFERA Macedonia facilitated and participated in an incredible Youth Exchange, Life 4 Hacking 2.0, located in Store Heddinge, Denmark from 6 – 14 of May. We […]

Art Attack

We decided to organize the event, `Art Attack` again to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with the nice people of Bitola. This time we decided to paint […]

Turkish Lessons

Before I came here, I did not know this amount of people will be interested in the Turkish classes. When I am told I am supposed […]

Bracelets creating

The upcycling workshops at Elpida Karamandi are still going on. The latest ones happened on Thursday 9th May. With two classes of eight graders we created […]

Youth Work for Youth Employability

The project “Youth Work for Youth Employability” was the training course which aim was to boost youth workers` capacity to foster youth employability and entrepreneurship. This training course empowered participants with […]

Upcycling workshop in Dolenci

Wednesday the 16th of April, another upcycling workshop took place in Dolenci . During the workshop, we made chickens from egg cartons. The school children were […]

Volunteerism and the Education for Peace and Leadership of the International Seminar ‘Volunteering for Peace’

From the 1st until the 7th  of April, the international seminar ‘Volunteering for Peace‘, organized by the FCV, took place in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), […]

Art Attack

On Friday the 12th, SFERA was filled with a group of creative painters, of all ages. We made a lot of different small paintings. The idea […]

Navigators on Creative Seas – an intensive creativity training for European youth workers

Between April 11-19,2019, Monomyths Association from Romania and 7 nonprofit organisations host in Bucharest a training course on the topic: creativity and innovation in youth work […]

Upcycling workshop in the Capari school

On Tuesday 9th April we were invited to the school in Capari, that is a detached school of elementary school Elpida Karamandi. The class welcomed us […]

International Roma Day

International Roma Day is April 8th and we were so proud to be able to participate in Bitola’s local event. Our volunteer, Ugur Isikli, read some […]

Photography Workshop Day

We had such a great time with Simone Kalica (@simonekalica) helping us learn the ins and outs of photography. She taught us all about light, shadows, […]

Dissemination YOUth on Board

In life there are many things that inspire us. From the great events in the world, to the small changes within ourselves, are all part of […]

Raising Awareness Amongst Children vol.2

Asking 10 year old children if they know what upcycling actually is, I was surprised when the answer I got from them was a mutual and […]


On 18th of March SFERA Macedonia held a NGO Fair for all of the Bitola region to come, learn, sign up, and have some fun! There […]

SWAP/Razmena vol.2

On Tuesday 19. 03. 2019 SFERA Macedonia organized the event called SWAP/Razmena. The event took place in Porta Jazz and it was already the second edition […]

Sreken 8mi Mart!

On Friday, 8th March, SFERA Macedonia made event in the streets of Bitola for the International Women’s Day. You could spot the EVS volunteers giving the paper […]

Make your own garbage collection

Today we have collected our own garbage collection? What did you do for Bitola? The volunteers of our organization met spring not only enjoying the chic […]

Educational Games

On February 27, our volunteer Cemal from Turkey went to school to organize educational games for children. A scientific fact that physical education is very important […]

Deep Talk

On the 21st of February, SFERA organized Deep Talk 2.0. In Center, we discussed some questions regarding personal matters. For instance, we discussed how we think […]

Public Speaking

Who tried to improve public their speaking skills yesterday? Of course, we did. Read on how our workshop “Public Speaking” went. Each participant had a unique […]

Raising Awareness Amongst Children

On the 15th of February two Sfera Macedonia volunteers, from Czech Republic and Estonia, held an upcycling workshop in a local school. It was 1.5 hours filled […]

Forum Theater

On the 18 of February we had a meeting and discussion about Forum Theater. It was a small group, but we had a good mood, shared […]

Free hugs and spreading love in Bitola

On 14th February, SFERA volunteers were spreading love and giving hugs in the streets of Bitola. If you met the group of few people standing next to […]

Creative Thinking

Creativily developed and developed their skills yesterday together. It was not only useful, but also extremely fun. Beginning at all to determine the understanding of what […]

Intercultural evening

Do you know how to better understand the country without visiting it? Our organization is so. Last Friday (February 8th) we had an intercultural evening. Everyone […]

Board Game

On the 7th of February Board Game took place at Center Bar.  A lot of different people came, who wanted to relax and play board games. We […]

Philosophize with SFERA

SFERA started philosophizing! On the 6th of Feburary, with a group of 12 participants, we have been discussing two very big questions within philosophy. The first […]

Change your future – workshop

On 5th of February, together with our friends, we began to change our future. Succumbed to their own values and priorities. Each member of the workshop […]

Language Exchange

Have you always wanted to flirt in French? Or do you want to order a kebab in Turkish? Then come to SFERA’s language exchange on the […]

Dissimination TC Gamification

Our Training Course “Gamification” that took place in Rijeka, 14th – 22nd, January, about how to use game elements in a youthwork, is accomplished – we […]

Art Attack

On the 21st of January, Art Attack took place again! The theme of the art attack was dreams. All talented participants painted something they have seen or […]

Share Your Ideas

Last Thursday, SFERA Macedonia went outside on Shirok Sokak to hear about your ideas for 2019. We asked a lot of people what they want to […]

The coin

Letting a local bakery prepare a huge pie with a coin in the crust, then to eat it with your friends to see who gets the […]

Sfera Charity Party Donations at kindergarten

Sfera Macedonia and Santa Claus delivered the gifts to the children of the kindergarten “Peperutka” in Bitola. We would like to again thank everyone for the […]

Dissemination You Think-Eco Citizenship

From 20th to 26th of October,6 young enthusiastic people from Macedonia attended a multicultural youth exchange project in Alsace, France. The village La Vancelle is situated […]

Christmas night

That cheerful feeling in the air; with a bit of love. All around. Christmas is undoubtedly a very special time of year. From the tree to […]

Appreciation night

During the week of Christmas Sfera Macedonia had a lovely evening in hotel Bela Kuka of dissemination and appreciation for everyone who is connected with the […]

Upcycling workshop in School

During the last week of December two informative workshop were held by our volunteers in an elementary school called Kole Kaninski. The first one was about […]


Why volunteer? The question is why today we have more and more volunteer? Is it volunteering developing in yourself? What is the benefits? Who can be […]

Why is it important to be MOTIVATED

On the 19th of December, our Ukrainian volunteer Denys organized a workshop about motivation. The name of the workshop was  “Why is it important to be […]

Travel with a low budget it`s possible?

On the 25th of December, our Ukrainian volunteer Denys organized a workshop about motivation. The name of the workshop was  “Travel with a low budget it`s […]

Workshop on International Volunteers Day 2018

Upcycling is transforming old things and turning them into something new without breaking the product down into its raw materials. Instead, upcycling takes an old object […]

Difference Between Recycling and Upcycling

What is the difference between recycling and upcycling? Why are these terms important? Recycling means processing waste and used materials to make them suitable for reuse […]

Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean eating only healthy food and hours of training at the gym. It’s more than that. Making lifestyle healthier is to […]

Movie Night

On the 11th of December, our Ukrainian volunteer Denys and Croatian volunteer Anita organized a movie night. The name of film was in secret until event. […]


YE PRESS PLAY: INCLUSION 15 – 23 November 2018 Thessaloniki, Greece   Sfera Macedonia participated and helped with the implementation of the YE “PRESS PLAY: INCLUSION” […]

Theatre workshop

On the 23rd of November, Hotel Teatar was filled with a group of enthusiastic and excited excited people. Nives, our Croatian volunteer, gave a theatre workshop. […]

Workshop “Mastering your craft”

On the 19th of November, our Ukrainian volunteer Oleg organized a workshop on becoming great at your own craft. Whatever the goal is that you have […]

Workshop “How to become a great communicator”

On the November 22, within the project called “Upgrade Karposh” in SFERA, our volunteer from Ukraine – Oleg Stoic, conducted a workshop on the topic “How to […]


The “improWISEpath” project was a joint initiative of 8 organizations representing 8 countries: Poland, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Croatia. The training took place […]

Dissemination of Ideas Ark – the creativity and entrepreneurial education TC for European youth workers

36 youth workers from 9 European Youth organizations discovered how they can design experiential and creative learning contexts in entrepreneurial education for the “Missing Entrepreneurs”. The […]


“SFEST” is multidimensional art project which aim is increasing awareness to the citizens from Bitola for ecological condition I our environment, to promote clean environment as […]


We all have some items in our households we don’t need but sometimes we are afraid to throw them away. So many items end up in […]

Football NGO competition

On Friday, the 26th at the Emperor Stadium, we held a competition between non-governmental organizations. Such an event is good because people are becoming more interested […]

Floorball in SOU Taki Daskalo

We conducted two floorball lessons. It was an interesting experience for all participants. We have two classes per month. If you want us to hold a […]

Kite flying event

On Friday 19th October we organised a kite flying event. How did I come up with the idea? On my way to Macedonia I saw a […]

Instagram photography workshop

The workshop started with a presentation on general basics of photography. The topics covered were composition, color and angles. Composition was focused on what makes a […]

Intercultural Evening

On Wednesday 17th of October we organized an intercultural evening in our Sfera Macedonia office. Our EVS volunteers spent their day in the kitchen and prepared […]

Kite Workshop

The idea of the workshop was to create kites that could be used in the kite flying event the following day. It was decided to make […]

SFERA as an example in education

On the 4th International Conference “Education Across Borders”, titled “Education in the 21st 21st century: Challenges and Perspectives” held on the 19th&20th October 2018 in Florina, […]

NGO Fair Bitola

On October 2,the American Corner Bitola for the fourth time organized the Community Service Fair in Bitola. Sfera MACEDONIA was one of the organizations that participated […]

Research on youth unemployment in Bitola

Research on a healthy lifestyle in Bitola

In our first week of our EVS period, the topic that we covered was “healthy lifestyles in Bitola”.  Our aim was to learn how people are […]

Research on cultural exchange in Bitola

In our second week in the project we have worked on the cultural relations of Turkey and Macedonia. We have examined the similarities and differences between […]

Be Healthy, Stay active!

From 6th to16th June in Zagreb, secondary medical school “Vrapce” was organized youth exchange which gathered 46 participants from Croatia, Poland, Macedonia, and Portugal. In this […]

Dissemination SELFY 2.0

SFERA Macedonia members were participating in the project, SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE AND LEADERSHIP FOR YOUTH 2.0 that took place in KRIKSNOVE, LITHUANIA 19 – 26 May 2018. […]


As part of the dissemination of the project results of YE reMind that SFERA MACEDONIA was one of the partner organizations, we organized a workshop on […]

YE REMIND Czech Republic, 13 – 22 June 2018

The topic of physical health have become really popular last years, but what about mental health? For 10 days 25 youngsters from Romania, Latvia, Macedonia, Czech […]

Art Attack July

ArtAttack may be one of the most anticipated events of SFERA, so we have organized our monthly Art event in SFERA house where the participants created […]

Supporting Employability through Self Development

SFERA MACEDONIA was one of the partner organizations for the project “Supporting Employability through Self Development”. SESD was a long-term project involving partners from EU and […]

Youth Exchange – IYOUME – 23.06.2018 – 01.07.2018 – Marsaxlokk, Malta

IYOUME was a youth exchange funded by Erasmus+ and which focuses on human trafficking, which is now a global problem affecting many young people across Europe, […]

Poetry Night

There is always an opportunity to express your creative and artistic side with SFERA Macedonia. As it’s known, Bitola is a very multicultural city in which […]

Еco Сamp ALARM

It’s always nice to escape from the “real world”, but sometimes it can cause more stress than it’s worth. An alternative to this conundrum? Eco camping. […]

Architecture Exhibition

It’s amazing how the different two cities on the different side of the border can look so similar to each other in terms of architecture despite […]

Community event

Macedonia is a very multicultural country, and Bitola is an obvious example of this. We have every kind of people from very different cultural backgrounds that […]

May ArtAttack

On 20th of May, our long expected monthly ArtAttack event took place in SFERA office with eager participants. The theme of the night was freestyle. Every […]

Zero-waste workshop Post

Two weeks ago, two Ukrainian volunteers from SFERA Macedonia, Valeria and Uliana, decided to embark on the zero-waste lifestyle journey while staying in Bitola. It was […]

Dissemination – We Come As One

Youth exchange called “We Come As One” was conceived when young people from partner organizations during the conversation realized that very few young people from their […]


On Friday 11th we organized the karaoke event for Bitola citizens. We held this event for the first time, but it exceeded our expectations. The atmosphere […]

Hike 2 Survive

On 12th of May we hiked to Smolevo. Weather was nice, everybody was looking fresh on that Saturday noon. On our way to Saint Atanas Church […]

Dissemination Connecting Hearts

On 11th, May, our volunteers shared their outcomes of the Connecting Hearts project which was carried out in Hungary with many participants from different nationalities. Connecting […]

NLP techniques workshop

On the 26th of April we had a chance to visit NLP techniques workshop. It was one of the most interesting and unusual workshops because it […]

Intercultural Evening with SFERA

On 10th of May, SFERA organized intercultural night in newly opened vegan Lounge and fresh Bar with participants from Macedonia, Turkey, US, Ukraine, Canada and Greece. […]

Love Languages Workshop

In spite of the heavy rain, the workshop took place on the 7th of May 7 pm as planned. We were talking about the theory of […]

Movie Night

Drama, action, horror.. Every kind of movie. We organize weekly movie nights on Thursday at Sfera house where we enjoy a movie (and snacks!) and socialise […]

Floorball April

Nothing is more important than sports especially if it’s floorball. On 3rd of May, our volunteers joined Gjorgi Naumov High School students to enjoy a day […]

Language Coffee

On every Wednesday at 8 pm, our volunteer Umut organizes weekly language Cafe at the Piano Bar. We just meet in the Bar, order a Macedonian […]

Drama Games

May 2, 2018. The Drama Games have started! It was an hour of getting to know each other, learning to express our emotions, just looking into […]

April ArtAttack

On 24th of April, our monthly ArtAttack event took place in Sfera Office where everyone from different nationalities showed their painting skills based on the theme […]

Environmental issue in Bitola

We are happy to announce that our video is done. We believe It will be a kind of motivation for citizens to change the current situation. […]

Ukranian/Russian lessons in SFERA

Our Ukrainian/Russian classes was started with positive vibes. We were inspired so much by the desire of our students to learn something new. As we are […]

Enviromental reasersch in Bitola

We want to understand deeply the ecological situation of this city and change it as much as we could. Firstly, we began with a research on […]

Portuguese Volunteers Community Event

On 30th of March, Mariana and Pedro, Portuguese volunteers from SFERA Macedonia went to the School Taki Daskalo to do their community event. The event was […]

Join the Green Side

Andrew Durand, Canadian volunteer of SFERA Macedonia, is organizing an environmental workshop that takes part weekly (every Wednesday, at 6pm), in SFERA Office. In this Workshop, […]

Turkish Community Event

On 26th of March took part, in SFERA House, the Turkish Community Event, organized by Aynur and Furkan, Turkish volunteers of SFERA Macedonia. In this event, […]

Environmental Conscious Workshop

On 26th of March took part an Environmental Workshop, organized by Pedro, Portuguese volunteer of SFERA Macedonia. The Workshop was mainly about the influence of plastic […]

March Art Attack

On 13th day of March took part, in SFERA Office, the Art Attack event, that happens monthly. Participants had to send application to participate, because the […]

SFERA Open Day

On 14th of March took part SFERA Open Day. The volunteers Furkan, Aynur, Mariana and Pedro went to Shirok Sokak to distribute flyers related to the […]

Intercultural Night

On 14th of March, SFERA Macedonia organized an intercultural night, with the participation of the hosting country, Macedonia, and also Turkey, Portugal and Canada. The night […]

New forms of European Citizenship in Migration Era

SFERA Macedonia organized a dissemination in Hotel Teatar, Bitola, on 7th of March. This dissemination was part of the project NECME “New forms of European Citizenship […]

Food donation

During the month of March of 2018, Mende, the vice-president of SFERA Macedonia, the Turkish volunteer Furkan and the Portuguese volunteers Mariana and Pedro, went to […]

Clean up your mess

The project “Clean up your mess” is continuing with the third group of volunteers, Mariana and Pedro, from Portugal, making children more aware of environmental problems […]

Youth Development – Positive Psychology workshop

On the 26th day of February Patricia Oana, Romanian volunteer from SFERA Macedonia presented a workshop about Positive Psychology, in Red Cross Bitola. In this workshop […]

Floorball activity

On the 23rd day of February, SFERA’s volunteers Aynur, Mariana, Furkan and Pedro went to OSMU D-r Jovan Kalauzi to play floorball with the students. Every […]

SFERA Eating Contest – Fundraising for charity (February 2018)

On Saturday, 24th of February took part a charity event in Meze Bar 102. The event was organized by Furkan Kalit, Turkish volunteer in SFERA Macedonia […]

Cultural awareness (Youth Development)

On the 19th day of February, Aynur, Turkish volunteer from SFERA Macedonia, presented the weekly Youth Development, about Cultural Awareness. In this workshop, the main highlights […]

New forms of European citizenship in migration era

СФЕРА МАКЕДОНИЈА како дел од Европски проект NECME “New forms of European citizenship in migration era” (Нови форми на европско граѓанство во ерата на миграции) кој […]

Photography Workshop

The first edition of the Photography Workshop, organized by Furkan Kalit, from SFERA Macedonia, will have its final lesson on Saturday, 17th of February. The first […]

Valentine’s Day vs. Saint Trifun’s Day

On the 13th of February took part a discussion about the differences of the Valentine’s Day and Saint Trifun’s Day, organized by Patricia, from SFERA Macedonia, […]

Youth Development – Long Term Travel Tips

On the 12th of February took part an initiative organized by Patricia, from SFERA Macedonia, about long term travel tips. In this workshop, that got the […]

Entrepreneurship Goes Social Toolkit

SFERA Macedonia participants were involved in the creation of the toolkit that contains 7 interactive exercises that can show how to integrate social entrepreneurship into youth […]

Language Exchange

A Language Exchange event was taken part in the Piano Bar, organized by Patricia Oana, a Romanian volunteer of SFERA Macedonia. Ten people came to the […]

Training course – ImproAction 2.0

From 5 to 15 January together with Aleksandra Ilievska and Aleksandar Stevanovski, as select participants, we participated in the training course “ImproAction 2.0” held in Berlin, […]

Visit to the Rehabilitation Center

Today SFERA Macedonia had a different morning, visiting the Rehabilitation Center to help children opening the Christmas gifts and to play with them. It was an […]

Sirok Sokak Outside The Box

Tuesday, January 30th, our EVS volunteers, Claudia and Patricia, organized an awesome community activity on the busiest and most centered street in Bitola, namely Sirok Sokak. […]

January Art Attack

SFERA events came back with new strengths, after the holidays with another fun edition of Art Attack. Ten lucky people, who managed to get their tickets […]


Sfera Macedonia has been implementing Floorball activity for one year. As organization, we are going to different high schools monthly. This month, SOEU Jane Sandanski hosted […]

NECME Dissemination activity in Varna, Bulgaria

The vice president of SFERA Macedonia, Mende Sekulovski ,was in Varna, Bulgaria, for two days, as as an observer for the Dissemination activity of the Bulgarian part […]

Training Course – “Film it”

From 15th to the 23rd of January, Besa, Hristina, Gorazd and Krisijan attended a training course – “Film it – Mobility of youth workers“, held in Bacoli, Italy. […]

Training Course – The Rainbow Spectator

Rooftop Theater organized the European training course, “The Rainbow Spectator”, in Mozotos, Cyprus, from the 14th to the 22nd of November 2017. The project was implemented […]

Turkish Lessons

Want to learn how to speak Turkish?  Look no further, because SFERA is organizing Turkish lessons at their office, Filip II Makedonski 15/10. Our EVS volunteers, […]

Romanian lessons

If you were curious enough about Romanian lessons that have been taking place since December and that will end very soon, meaning next week, Tuesday, January […]

Hola, amigos!

Do you already have a grasp on the Spanish language? Would you like to continue learning? We are happy to inform you that SFERA is hosting […]

Italian Lessons

Are you drawn to the melodic sound of the world’s so-called “most romantic language”? Do you want to learn more words than “pizza”, “spaghetti” or “ciao”? […]

Intercultural night with SFERA

Yesterday afternoon, SFERA had the pleasure of hosting another great edition of their well known Intercultural night. Turkey, Romania and Macedonia presented their countries with interesting […]

“The Citizens Are United” Kick Off

On the 18th and 19th of January, SFERA Macedonia hosted the Kick Off meeting which represented a pre-project meeting for the “The Citizens Are United” project, […]

Orthodox New Year with SFERA

Members of SFERA, together with local and EVS volunteers, gathered Saturday evening, January 13th, on the Orthodox New Year Eve to celebrate the incoming year, according […]

Preparation Meeting for Youth Exchanges in Malaga, Spain

SFERA Macedonia organizes a preparation meeting for the two youth exchanges that will be held in January 2018 in Malaga, Spain. The first project is called […]

NECME Dissemination activity in Thessaloniki, Greece

The president of SFERA Macedonia, Milcho Duli, was in Thessaloniki, Greece, for two days, as as an observer for the Dissemination activity of the Greek part […]

Clean up your mess

Hello, my name is Claudia and I am EVS volunteer for SFERA Macedonia and I want to share with you, curious readers, about the main activity […]

Santa Claus at the Rehabilitation Center

SFERA Macedonia and the children at the Rehabilitation Center want to express their gratitude and say a big THANK YOU for participating in the charity event, […]

Give your share to show you care @Kamarite Bar

Monday, December 25th SFERA organized a charity event for the children at the Rehabilitation Center here in Bitola, named “Give your share to show you care” […]

Share the food, care for people

On December 24th, SFERA Macedonia participated in the Donation of Food charity event organized by the Citizen’s Association “Center for European Development and Integration”. The charity […]

Chess versus Vlatko Bogdanovski

On December 23rd, 30 recognizable citizens of Bitola, among which Milcho Duli, president of the NGO “SFERA Macedonia”, had the chance to play against Bitola master […]

Christmas with SFERA

As every year, SFERA Macedonia continues its tradition of celebrating the Catholic Christmas at the Sumski Feneri restaurant on Baba mountain. EVS and Peace Corps volunteers, […]

Merry Volunteering!

Thursday evenıng SFERA Macedonia had the pleasure of celebrating its local volunteers by organizing the yearly edition of “Volunteers Appreciation Day”. The event took place at […]

Theater For Rural Youth

From 08.10.2017 until 16.10.2017 in Teregova, Romania young people from different countries implement youth exchange with title „Theater for rural youth“ Besides 7 participants from Macedonia […]

Let’s Floorball Again!

Everyone knows that the earlier you start on good habits, the longer they stick and physical activity is no exception. SFERA organized a new floorball game […]

Art Attack Fun Day

This past Thursday curious participants, with more or less painting experience, had the chance to try out their abilities in a new edition of Art Attack. […]

Volunteers Appreciation Day

Dear local volunteers, We would like to express our gratefulness to you through the event we are hosting at SFERA EVS House, on December 21st, 2017, […]

Let’s Floorball!

Sport is a big deal in our culture and it is what makes us disconnect from the daily, often sedentary lifestyle that most people have nowadays. […]

Sharing is caring – Donations for the Rehabilitation Center in Bitola

The Rehabilitation Center in Bitola needs a helpful and loving hand with money donations for the little angels with disabilities, to make their stay there fun, […]

International Education Fair

On Novermber 30th, SFERA had the chance to be part of the International Education Fair whose main purpose was to celebrate two years of formal cooperation […]

Seminar “Volunteering for change”

Team Sfera Macedonia participated in the Seminar “Volunteering for Change” from November 3 to 10 in Vilanova i la Geltru, Catalonia, Spain, organized by Fundació Catalunya Voluntària. The […]


Most of the Macedonian group met for the first time in Malmö, and then we traveled together to Copenhagen and Allerød, where we met with the […]


SFERA turns 10!!!! We want to thank you for all the overwhelming support from the local community. We thank you for allowing us to be part […]

SFERA Macedonia community event

We are incredibly grateful for the amount of support shown by the community at the Bitola City Park Community Event on 10.08.2017. As an organization, we are […]

French Course in SFERA

Our French course is coming to an end. We are excited and proud of the local youths who committed to the two months of learning basic […]